Italian Classes


Here at The Five Dock Learning Centre we specialise in the teaching of Italian as a second language to individuals with both an Italian and non-Italian background, and at all levels: beginners intermediate and advanced.

Our courses are specifically designed to provide students with a truly Italian experience. Our teachers are all professional native speakers and experienced motivators, so you will enjoy the language and appreciate the culture in an entertaining and relaxing atmosphere.

New Term Dates for 2015

TERM 1  – 9th February – 3rd April

TERM 2 – 4th May – 26th June

TERM 3 – 27th July – 18th September

TERM 4 – 19th October – 11th December


General Italian Classes

We provide a range of classes to suit almost all needs. Each of our courses provide you not only with an understanding of the grammatical basis for the language but also with an insight into Italian culture, its history and traditions. Through the use of a mainly communicative approach you are given the possibility of improving your skills in an applicable and functional manner.

Italian for Second Generation

The Centre prides itself on being the first institution of its kind to establish a unique course designed to meet the specific needs of second generation Italians who are somehow detached from the language and culture of current Italy. The courses focus on the structure of standard spoken and written Italian and is adapted to meet the specific grammatical and cultural needs of people who use Italian as their second language. They are exciting. Not only do they introduce the necessary grammatical aspects of the language but rather they use that as a basis upon which for students to discuss their beliefs, opinions and contrasting views regarding numerous aspects of Italian culture and other world issues.

Parliamo in Italiano

This course is designed for those who wish to improve their conversational skills. It was originally created for second generation Italians who have a fragmented knowledge of the language and who are accustomed to speaking “pigeon Italian”, but is open to anyone with a basic knowledge of the language.

Leggiamo Insieme

This course for directed to individuals who have a fairly good grasp of the Italian language but wish to expand their vocabulary, to become familiar with idiomatic expressions and more complex grammatical structures.  Based on the reading and analysis of short novels, it also aims to introduce students to Italian contemporary literature and authors.

Understanding Italy through Cinema

Through discussion and the use of film clips the course aims to develop a deeper understanding of Italy and it’s social and cultural identity as portrayed through well known and less acclaimed Italian films of the past 50 years.

Viaggio in Sicilia

This course  (in English with Italian elements) explores the rich and variegated cultural and historical heritage of the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea – Sicily. Viaggio in Sicilia will allow students to enjoy many diverse and fascinating aspects that make “the island where the sun dwells” unique. It will develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of Sicilian Art, History, Gastronomy, Music and Tourist attractions.

Italian HSC Coaching

The distinguishing feature of the Centre’s coaching program is the approach taken in both enforcing and complementing what students learn at school whilst at the same time addressing the individual needs of each student; ranging from those who have not been able to get enough attention at school, to those who wish to attain near perfect results.

As many past students have noted the Centre’s method of coaching has proven successful on the basis that students learn more in small group situations. In such a way, each student is motivated so as to boost their marks through an enhancement of both their knowledge and self-esteem. It provides the student with the opportunity of becoming involved, asking as many questions as needed and interacting with peers who have similar needs.

Il Teatro Dei Piccoli (for 8-13 year olds)

The aim of this course is to stimulate children’s imagination and to develop their interest in the Italian cultural heritage. In a culturally authentic environment, children will express themselves in Italian in a course based on legends, tales, poems, songs and dances taken from Italian regional folk culture. Through short plays, sketches, monologues and dialogs, students are introduced to Italian through the art of acting.

Un giorno in Italia

A program conducted in high schools with the aim of stimulating an interest in the learning of the language through the performance of a group of professional musicians, singers and actors.

Imparare Giocando (for 4-6 year olds)

An exciting course specifically designed for children aged 4-6years.  It consists of various playful activities, which render the child’s learning experience a natural, spontaneous and enjoyable process.