Italian for HSC

Specifically designed for Students taking Italian as a subject in their Higher School Certificate.

Method of Learning

The FLC’s method of coaching provides you with the opportunity to learn from your peers as well as from qualified teachers. Students benefit from the intensive small group tuition by individually developing effective cognitive processing strategies and a range of team work skills such as: evaluating, problem solving, decision making and drawing conclusions.

The FLC prepares you today for the skills and strategies you will be expected to have tomorrow.

The Program

Our program aims to help you achieve the outcomes specified in the school curriculum. You are not only placed at an advantage from having specialized tuition, but also learn how to become independent learners.

You learn how to learn.

The Teachers Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced in their fields of study and in educational practice and psychology. Their expertise will help you achieve your full potential at school as well as equip you with the fundamental skills required to become active participants in society. This knowledge of the school system and modern approaches to teaching make for a more effective relationship between teacher and student.

The Lessons

Each lesson provides the necessary information and resources (notes, handouts, practice examples, past exam papers etc.) that you will need to get ahead in your studies. The lessons are designed to move in a logical progression so problems are addressed before moving on, and prior knowledge is built upon.

Exam Techniques

The classes also contain an exam technique component. The teachers provide strategies and practice so that you will learn how to effectively perform and manage your time under exam conditions and therefore achieve the results you deserve.

Class Timetable

Classes are conducted once a week for the duration of 1 hour, over an 8 week period.

Available Tuesday or Thursday  from 4.30pm.