General Italian

There are six levels offered:

Level 1 –  for absolute beginners with none or minimal knowledge of the language.
You will  gain an elementary understanding of Italian, acquire basic survival skills and be introduced to Italian culture.

Level 2  - for those post beginners who have already acquired the basic survival skills and can ask simple questions or make brief statements with some degree of accuracy.
The course will introduce you to the Italian way of life and improve your abilities in writing and speaking the language more fluently.

Level 3for those who can ask and answer general questions, initiate and respond to statements and maintain an easy conversation.
It expands on your knowledge and vocabulary using a mainly communicative approach.

Level 4 –  for students who can handle the language with confidence and some degree of fluency.
It will increase the students comprehension of the language as well as explore additional cultural aspects of the country.

Level 5 –  for students who are accustomed to the language with a fairly high degree of confidence and fluency in most situations.
Students will discuss an array of interesting topics, relevant in today’s society.

Level 6for students with a sound knowledge of the language.
Students will progressively learn to substitute their mother-tongue language with Italian and will use it to acquire a deeper knowledge of the country and its way of life.



Beginners       Level 1 – 2             Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday          $330

Intermediate Level 3 – 4              Tuesday/Wednesday                           $360

Advanced       Level 5 – 6             Wednesday/Friday                               $360

Course available either  10.00 a.m. – 12.00 noon OR 6.30 p.m. – 8.30 p.m.

8 Sessions