Welcome to the Five Dock Learning Centre.

The Five Dock Learning Centre (FLC) was established in 1994 from an observed need to integrate a variety of teaching and learning programs all under one roof. Since its creation it has been a responsive, dynamic educational organisation, seeking to address the varied learning needs of the community.

As such, the Centre’s mission is to:

(a) Administer a number of high quality educational and cultural programs for both professional development and personal enrichment, in a relaxed and friendly environment, taught by highly qualified and experienced teachers, at an affordable price.

(b) Promote and maintain Italian culture and its language within the existing first, second and third generation Italian population and the wider Australian community.

(c) Promote through its language and cultural activities tourism and commerce between the two countries.

Over the years, the FLC has been working in conjunction with The Italian Cultural Association (ICA), a non-profit organisation, established in 1996 with the specific goal of addressing the needs of the Italian community living in Sydney.

Together both ICA and the FLC have spent the past 7 years establishing a reputation as organisers of outstanding Italian cultural events and unique dinner evenings.

The aim of these events is to promote the appreciation and understanding of the Italian way of life, the traditions and culture, to the general population, through the use of entertainment and great food.